Cheese and Mouse Threading Toy

Cheese and Mouse Threading Toy
  • $12.90

Ask your little ones to help the mouse nibble through the cheese. This wooden toy is brilliant for developing little ones' fine motor skills, hand eye coordination and improving their concentration skills. Good hand eye coordination is an important foundation for learning to write, draw, button, use a scissors and more. Challenge older children to undo the thread themselves before trying again. This nifty little toy is a perfect toy to bring along with you while you're on the move - it will keep your child occupied while they are on a car ride, waiting at a restaurant or queuing for an amusement park ride. Your little ones can use this product for some pretend play too, they can name the mouse, use the cheese as a mouse trap, or even include the cheese in their play kitchen.

Product Details

Recommended Age: 3 and above

Product Dimensions: 12 by 7 by 5.5cm

Material: Wood

What it includes: Wooden cheese with an attached mouse on a thread

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