Creating Words Board

Creating Words Board
  • $21.90

This is like a mini Scrabble as your little ones will be able to use the letter dices to create words on the board. The dices can be inserted in the board and will therefore stay in its place and not move about. We love wooden products and this one certainly fits the bill of a quality wooden educational toy. Everything can be easily stowed away in the wooden box and be brought along for travel. There are so many benefits of this wooden product - it certainly improves spelling and encourages vocabulary development. Younger children can learn how to spell their names and older ones can even create short messages on the board.

Note: As this product caters to the German language as well, there are some letter dices of vowels with umlauts. Simply remove them if you plan on using this product only for English words.

Product Details

Recommended Age: 4 and above

Product Dimensions: 19 by 18 by 3cm

Material: Wood

What it includes: 145 Letter Dices, Inserting Board in a Wooden Chest


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